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    Thank you very very much, I really need your help, thank you JackBank

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    if guys so it is important to report all such abuses that make us these moderators not to remain silent and speak up if they know more players Tell them to publish in this forum and in this report list the more the merrier greetings

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    Unmodded Edu_de_patri for investigation. Thanks.

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    I think simply opening a file to these 3 people in the game will be known about their behavior constant fouls and insults to the moderators, moderators and plots to get them out, if an investigation is done hopefully will see your fake accounts, and the reason for their bans was always fair, and supported by my colleagues, who also know how these 4 people are always (titixano, tigersoz. vivon666, sareta)

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    Angry Se investiga a un mod, y se le da la razon a los "jugadores"

    think this is being done with edu_de_patri, is shameful. It is a very cowardly way to criticize a moderator only thing it does is correct the bad behavior of a few players who do not play by the rules of the game. If you do spam, is punishment. if you steal, no matter what you give back stolen, the damage is done. And the fault nola have few mods that do their job, the fault is most mods who just want their reward and do nothing. We must learn to play well and if you do it wrong face the consequences.
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    Sin título.jpg ....also investigate pm chats and these people ...for this reason you will not ban, only he was warned that he could not talk like people, there are rules in the game to respect that was not in a place like your home to behave that way, because this behavior this person and others is similar
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    Ahhhh and this message is for those who investigate alleged abuses of this mod.
    If edu is under investigation, please, inquire well, again, very very well. A research Those who ask are those that do not meet the rules set by you. and if they are called the attention they keep messing up. I see it every day in the game, at all hours. Again these players are the ones who should be investigated

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    You have your job well and everyone will hate.

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    If we get complains about a moderator, stuff like this HAS to be done.

    I get many reports of moderators not doing their job right and that's what i call shameful.

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    before calling "unacceptable" we will have to see if it is not true? thanks for the "support"


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