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    I did prefer to first! maxed my money tree to level 20, and now saving for the rod. (having 1090 coins now)

    You maybee have the rod more quicker your way... your moneytree will not be at level 20 at the moment I get my Fishao-rod. =)

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    My money tree is level 10 giving me 3 fishcoins that would be 21 fishcoins a week. Bob gave us 10 fishcoins every week. Herb gave us and average of 3 fishcoins a day and that would be 21 fishcoins a week. Ben is giving 1 fishcoins sometimes. 21 from money tree plus 10 from Bob another approximately 21 coins from Herb. and 1 from Ben. 21+10+21+1=53. Let's say Herb goes to Palm Island every week, then 3 fishcoins will be deducted from your weekly savings. I'm earning an average 50 coins a week. In 30 weeks I can earn 1,500 fishcoins. 30 weeks is 7 months and 2 weeks.
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    Nice work, pip11... I just don't like you used out math and graphics and didn't at least mention the source of the data The second chart is clearly copied from us.
    Original article on our website dated April 24-th is here (in Czech language):

    If you're willing to translate some more information and help also english speaking players, please send me PM.

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    Thanks Camel, I think it's the other way round: please check the original date of this thread: 19-10-2014

    as the author mentioned in your post:
    I came across an interesting gadget - Timeline investigation into Fishao rod (rod F). I have translated it into Czech.
    (Narazil jsem na zajímavou pomůcku – časová osa šetření na Fishao prut (F prut). Přeložil jsem ji do češtiny.)

    But no harm done, I'm glad it's useful.
    I will PM you about your very great website.

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    I'm very very sorry, pip. No offense please!

    I'm not the author of this article and didn't notice this note of my colleague I just remembered I saw the picture at our website and I overreacted.

    I'm happy, we didn't stole it, and at least quoted it's not our work. I would be more than happy to add your specific credits. Just write me a pm, please.

    I really do appreciate your great work!

    PS i work in area of author rights and I just wanted be correct. I don't have any problems with quotations from our website of any kind if the author quotes the source URL of the information.
    I feel, we all are kind of big fishao family

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    It's a little complicated anyway thanks

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    I love the math and it is an overall great saving plan but what if we cant find herb one day or maybe more?
    [IMG]bicolor parrotfish[/IMG]

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    Just curious...with this savings plan, you don't figure in spending fishcoins whatsoever for at least 7 months?? Do you have to do practically nothing in the game for that long??

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    There is quite a bit you can do in the game without spending coins. If you aren't in a hurry to get the rod and have to start saving right away you could upgrade your line first. I upgraded my line till I could catch fish up to 150 cm with my bamboo rod. That opens up a lot of things. Here is a list of ways to get bait while you save.

    Dough: Free
    Veggies Costs fishbucks which you can spend while saving your coins.
    Fishbait Collect shells. Also if you have a lot of time it is nice to save up 10,000 shells or more like I did so you can have lots of bait when you get the rod.
    Lures: Fairly common in daily quests but you have to be patient on this one.
    Insects: Also in daily quests but if you have lots of time it you can usually hunt fishboxes and get 10-20 in a day which will usually give you 100 insects. I also saved up 80 fishboxes so when I got the fishao rod I got over 1,000 insects out of them.
    Meat: Free every 10 days in aquayama
    Other baits like shark bait you might just have to wait until you get the rod.

    I caught many new 5 star fish while saving for the rod and played quite a bit without spending one coin. You can always fish with dough and veggies as well as collect shells and fishboxes to get other baits. There are quite a few small 5 stars in the game to try and catch while you save for the rod :-)


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    Quote Originally Posted by Codyrapala View Post
    I upgraded my line till I could catch fish up to 150 cm with my bamboo rod.
    So you upgraded your line until it was 260 cm strong? How much did that cost?


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