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    I was estimating. It was actually level 12 for fish up to 250 cm line 145 cm fish but since simple rods cost fishbucks I used quite a few of those. With simple rod it would be for fish up to 155 cm. I don't know what you are at right now but here is a list of how much each upgrade costs so you can figure it out yourself.

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    In my opinion, here is the best way to get your free Fishao rod.

    1. Stop spending coins on gadgets/upgrades/rods unless you absolutely need to spend them or are playing an event to win coins or doing a daily quest to get items. Don't spend coins on bait, fish only with bait you can buy with bucks or fish bait that you get from collecting shells or win in dailies, etc.

    2. Upgrade your money tree to 2 coins daily.

    3. Spend all saved coins on line upgrades until you can easily catch 100+ cm with your bamboo rod. This will save buying rods and also allow you to catch the vast majority of the fish in the game and complete your 100+ dailies with your bamboo rod.

    4. For a faster free Fishao rod continue fishing only with your 100+ cm bamboo rod and save up all coins until you have 1500, In my opinion, the costs of upgrading your tree to 3 coins daily first will only delay you getting your free Fishao rod and you should wait to do this until after you have the F-rod.
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    I like this snowden !!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Cool Good idea

    Cool and REALISTIC♥

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    A Year's plan

    Snowden I followed the same tactics and it will take me exactly 1 year...
    So i was younger a year and grew old and still have to wait 2 more months
    Happy Holidays and Merry Xmas to all

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    I started saving up for Fishao rod, I am level 88 and I have 7 fishcoins now!
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    (my new username)

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    I am about half way to getting my fishao rod. Another 4 months and I should be there...I can't wait

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    I got it !!! :))

    I got the fishao rod. I took Snowden's advice. I was saving since November and this is August now. My tree was up to 3 coins and I visited Palm Island once during this time. And spent some on bait a few times.

    I had 76 coins to go and hit the jackpot on the wheel. I got 100 fishcoins !! It was kind of hard to give up all the fishcoins to buy the fishao rod...but I have been waiting so long and I was so excited I was so close.\

    My new fishao rod to post.jpg

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    Awesome casey21. Patience pays off in the end!

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    You can also collect for a fishao rod, otherwise you know how to play tournaments (tournament tournament (magic 15)), you can come from 5 levels to play just magical 5 equipment: (big rod, bait, magic clock) and enter only 10+ players in this way within 30 days you can collect for a rod of course you have to win the tournaments ... Only magical 15! Good luck to everyone!


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