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    Awesome idea! Thank you very much!

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    Talking Greek page for TREE & LINE collecting FC

    Quote Originally Posted by NicoleDaglas View Post
    Awesome idea! Thank you very much!
    link removed, please don't link to pages with advertising. you could publish the table here, that would be great / Pip28
    ελπίζω να σε βοηθήσει αυτή η σελίδα.

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    here is safe way to cut those saving time a little bit: pay attention at the next event. Today i successfully cut the waiting time for about a week by winning an easy event (use most gadget and collect fruit). If you have an access to palm island, there is a good reason for participating the collect fruit event, if you dont have the access just skip, DO NOT WASTE YOUR COINS ON PALM ISLAND, MOST LIKELY ITS NOT WORTH IT. If you see gadget event, just buy a bunch of green radar and use it every 5 mins, its a win guarantee (unless you fell asleep). I believe there is the other option like collecting shells, most exp, most fish catch, etc that doesn't need a coin to win it. JUST PARTICIPATE, there is no reason to not to

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    Well you can check my Youtube video it will defenitely help you
    ***link removed***
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