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Thread: fishing poetry

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    Why? Why? Why?

    You know, the game which you
    really like is fishao;
    But still you may say that you don't like it.
    Why? Why? Why?

    You know, 60K people like this game,
    and you're one among them;
    But still you may say that you don't like it.
    Why? Why? Why?

    You know, there are lots of moderators in fishao,
    but you don't want to be one due to money;
    But still a part of your brain thinks that you want to be a mod.
    Why? Why? Why?

    You know, there are lots of people who've spent real money onto the game,
    but you don't want to;
    But still you think you need coins.
    Why? Why? Why?

    You know, there are people who spend most of their time playing fishao,
    you think they are nonsense;
    But still you play it.
    Why? Why? Why?

    You know, they are always adding new fish in the game,
    you think its kinda boring as you still have lots to catch;
    But still you try the newly released fish.
    Why? Why? Why?

    So, just happily say that

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    Chitti that is a great poem, thank you for sharing it with us

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    OK, I know this is not about fishao or the game exctly, but I wanted to add this poem to the threads.

    Wrong weather

    ‘Tis the day after Christmas, and something is wrong,
    That brief burst of sunshine was filled with birdsong,
    Their mating calls flooding the air with sweet sound
    While the weather forecast forecasts floods on the ground.

    One oversized, over-furred cat, with one paw
    Is menacing spiders, outside the backdoor.
    He lays with a casually, well crafted ease,
    His eyes barely open, relaxed and at peace,
    But one paw stands ready and moves lightening fast
    To head of the spider that tried to go past.
    Such spiders should by now be curled in a ball
    Asleep, in the depths of a crack in the wall.

    The other cat watches the pond through a net
    As frogs swim untroubled – untroubled as yet.
    The net is too strong to break, to fine of square
    To let him get his questing paw into there.
    But what are the frogs doing swimming today?
    They too should be sleeping the winter away.

    And overhead clouds seem too low to be right,
    They cut off the sun and they dim down the light.
    They threaten and press like an upside down sea -
    They look like they want to be down here with me…..

    ….In places up north of me those clouds descend,
    Rain on the higher ground, rain without end,
    Swelling the rivers to streets and to farms,
    Spilling in houses and washing in barns,
    Stealing whole cars, moving settees and fridges
    And ramming them into the sides of the bridges.

    Good luck to all fishing folk facing so much,
    Good luck to your familys, neighbours and such,
    Take care of yourselves, take care once again,
    My thoughts are all with you, in flood and in rain.
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    Let me share a bit of it :)

    Potion of Luck

    Would be good to buy for buck

    Think of I..II is far

    I need a fish named a Gar

    Catching it might be pretty hard

    But the actual truth of this one:

    Think of Potion I..II is far

    All ..II.. do is bring 1 star


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