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    Herb quest guide

    Hi fishers.

    I posted this thread so I can help all the new players on how to perform Herb's quest efficiently. I will post the area, the common fishes Herb wants and how to do it efficiently.

    1. Pinheira Beach - Sardinella
    *Starting with an easy quest, just use dough and stick rod.

    2. Rio Tropical - Marbled Headstander
    *They are so easy to perform because you only need stick rod and dough to finish it.

    3. Laketown - Largemouth Bass
    *OK this quest might be a little bit hard because you need to invest at least a coin (to buy worms) to finish this quest. Also to be sure of catching a Largemouth Bass, use Simple rod because it might escape with stick rod. If you are really saving your coins, just buy a simple rod using bucks. Also you can try lures.

    4. Cool Mountain - Largemouth Bass
    *Same as the Laketown quest, good luck.

    5. Mystic Desert - Nile Tilapia
    *If you still have insects bait, just use them with a stick rod. Even though some tilapias grow up to 40cm+, you can even haul them easily (depending on the fishing skills.)

    6. Sibiri City - Lesser Weever
    *Insects can also lure the Weever. If you are only focusing on catching the Weever, just use stick rod. But be careful in fishing at Sibiri. Regardless of the rarity of the fish, if the water freeze, it's bad luck to you. But rumors say that if the water freezes in English 1, it is the opposite in the US English 1.

    7. Aquayama - Chinese False Gudgeon
    *Same principle is applied to Pinheira Beach and Rio Tropical, as they can be easily caught with stick rod and dough.

    8. Seagull Harbour - Horse Mackerel
    *God this is hard, as this fish can only be caught using fish bait which can be very limited. And what's worse is chances of hauling some big fishes is high. If you want a free fish, at least collect 50 shells in the beach and then exchange them to Coral at Cool Mountain. Use simple rod.

    9. Thombani Town - Nile Tilapia
    *If you are doing this quest, AVOID FISHING AT THOMBANI, as chances of getting a tilapia will be lessened due to the likelihood of hauling bluegills and ABC. Just go to Mystic Desert to catch one.

    10. Marshville - Brown Trout
    *Also if doing this quest, AVOID FISHING AT MARSHVILLE, as chances of getting a trout will be lessened because of the likelihood of hauling bluegills. If you have time in the Trout Farm, just go and fish there. I suggest you to use a big rod to catch one.

    Additional tips:

    A. Radar will be your best friend in finding good locations. If you're having a hard time in catching a fish, you can at least invest 100 bucks to buy one (except Pinheira Beach, as you can just depend on Damian.)

    B. My rod suggestion depends on the overall players to had upgraded their fishing lines at least up to Level 3.

    C. If doing Seagull Harbour quest, try not to fish unless you see at least 1 - 2 players in the area, as they might be showing you a sweet spot.

    Hoping I helped to the newbies a lot. Thank you and have a nice fishing day! =D
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    Very nice guide.

    My personal preference for largemouth bass is using lures. Insects do work well as suggested in the guide.

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    Really nice guide! Though, I usually just go to Cool Mountain to catch a Large Mouth Bass.

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