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Thread: missing coins

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    missing coins

    i wrote a message under thread "loading problems" and i got an answer to use a new thread.
    about 2 weeks ago i joined race tournament and after the second throw it stacked and i could not play. i was also using a watch.
    I was told by other players to write in forum so i could get my fcoins back. My username is Dorita, Bigfish Fishao server
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    Hi dorita,

    I must have somehow missed your message,sorry about that. I have reimbursed your 5FC that you lost.

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    Hello, Can an admin help me?

    Hi, I seem to be missing some coins since yesterday. I had over 500 I think it was around 530ish. I come in tonight to do Herb and I have 499. Could someone check on this for me? Thanks!

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    Hi shepherd_mom,
    you bought the Texas Cichlid for your personal river for 40 coins. From your reaction I guess it was accidental, but unfortunately there is nothing we can do about it.

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    Indeed that was not what I intended. Ok thank you for looking into this for me. I didnt know what happened. Fish on!


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