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    Post Game of Challenge

    Game of Challenge

    This “Game of Challenge” would be taken place between only 2 players, anyone can challenge another player by clicking challenge button. There would be 2 options 1. Accept Challenge , 2. Decline Challenge. So it is players own desire whether he/she will accept or decline challenges.

    There would be 10 challenges inbuilt options from easy challenge to difficult challenges under different categories. Categories would be like Fishing, Buying Deco, Buying Looks, Tournament, Events… etc. These options would be changed and refreshed in every alternative 1 month….Player who is challenging will offer any 1 challenge options out of 10 challenges to the opponent, if the opponent accepts then the game would start.

    If you win the challenge, opponent will pay you with bucks, if you get defeated then you have to pay with bucks. With every challenge there would be reward bucks assigned, so you can check the reward amount then you accept or decline, it is your choice.

    You can only challenge when you have enough bucks to challenge or accept the challenge, if you have low bucks then you can’t challenge others player or you can’t accept the challenge since you have low bucks. System would take care of this balance.

    At present only we can trade with bucks so all rewards would be in bucks , in future may be fish coin would be added.

    Challenges :

    1. Catch one 3 star fish within 30 minutes (Easy challenge) – 50 bucks 2. Catch three, 5 star Fishes within 24 hours (Difficult challenge) ---- 1000 bucks, 3. Buy Viking Helmet within 48 hours ---- 3000 bucks. (difficult challenge ) , 4. Make 5 friends within 30 minutes ----- 100 bucks (Easy Challenge) 5. Buy one Simple decoration within 15 minutes-----150 bucks, 6. Who can catch a 4 star fish in minimum amount of time (lesser time) you or me----- 500 bucks…….etc etc… we can add many challenges like these….

    Hope this would be entertaining…..
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    It is an interesting idea. I will note it down.


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    Muito boa sua ideia, gosto muito

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    Quote Originally Posted by marcos pereira View Post
    Muito boa sua ideia, gosto muito
    English in this part of the forum please.

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    i love this idea. please add it, it would be so fun and cool

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    Nice idea, abhisek

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    Thanks guys for liking this idea...........

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    nice way of thinking my friend!
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    Enjoy and Have Fun !!!

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    some fishing challenge can be really funny )) and shells collecting too
    the other kinds like looks and deco-buying - i don`t understand the fun
    maybe also something with breeding but it seems that the Fishing Challenge is the the best - nice idea for angling!

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    at home always
    nice idea bro


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