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Thread: Missions guide

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    Can anyone who has completed quite a few missions tell me what I should expect to run into soon? My current missions are Win 5 tournaments, Win 10 tournaments, and catch an oscar. I should get the oscar soon. I am level 152 and have completed 67% of the missions. I not only want to know what comes soon, but what missions give out really good prizes a LOOOONG ways into the future.

    The main reason I want to know is because it seems like I remember hearing that at some point there is a mission to get the different area badges and there is a large fishcoins prize. I am close to completing a lot of areas and I just completed mystic desert today.

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    the oscar can catch in the race tournament use spinner or fish
    and the easy tournament is race tournament and lake run tournament u must use a better rod and magic watch then spinner for a good good bait

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    Excellent!! congratulations and thank you for the guide


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