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Thread: Fossil trading!

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    Updated list 23rd Oct
    Many thanks
    These are my fossils to trade
    Doryaspis Arctica A
    Doryaspis nathorsti D
    Moythomasia B D
    Helicoprion A E
    Dunkleosteus B
    Cheriolepis D E
    Platysomus D E
    Thelodus C D E
    Hyneria A C
    Acanthodes A B
    Antiarchi E
    Gyrodus A E
    Macropama C D E
    Materpiscis A D E
    Megalodon C
    Osteolepis A B D E
    Titanichthys A E
    Xiphactinus C D

    I am looking for help with the following fossils:
    Dunkleosteus C
    Enchodus C
    Orthacanthus A
    Ctenurella C
    Drepanaspis A
    Doryaspis Arctica E
    Xenacanthus CE
    Saurichthys BC
    Doryaspis nathorsti C
    Dartmuthia BC
    Cladoselache CD
    Deltoptychius DE
    Aspidorhynchus BC
    Stethacanthus AB
    Astrapsis BCE
    Ischnacanthus BDE
    Cretoxyrhina ACE
    Cobelodus ABCDE
    Boreapsis ABDE
    Carcharocles Chubutensis ABDE

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    updated list on 07/11/2017

    Fossils that I am looking for:
    Antiarchi A,B,C
    Hyneria B,E
    Macropoma A
    Osteolepis A,C
    Pharyngolepis A,D
    Pikaia C,E
    Titanichythus C,D
    Helicoporion B,C,D

    Fossils that I can give:
    Acanthodes B
    Antiarchi E
    Cheirolepis A,C,D
    Helicoprion A
    Hyneria A,C
    Macropoma B
    Materpiscis A
    Megalodon A,B,C,D
    Osteolepis D,E
    Platysomus C,D
    Thelodus C,D,E
    Titanichthus A,E

    Please Message me if you look to trade Fossils/Fossils; I wish to buy fossils too if you would like to sell; Message me in private here or ingame with offers please.

    Thanks and regards,

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    I search these fossils please :
    -Astraspis B
    -Darmuthia C
    -Doryaspis Artica C

    If you want to exchange with me contact me by private message, thank's


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