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    friend with most home points

    Which friend has the most home points? You could also say what world they usually play in. My friend who has the most home points is Irena57. She usually plays in Polski 3. How many home points they have is (Optional). Thanks for any info
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    devilofhell has the most home points on my list.
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    Thanks! I hope more people answer and keep this active.

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    Hi, I like the idea of this thread and find it helpful, but what if they don't want their infos to be revealed ?

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    I don't know. I didn't think of that. Maybe you could ask them first

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    I know a person with 1.8 million homepoints. I don't know or I can give his name, so I will ask him

    And also Fisheur has many homepoints

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    Ok. Thanks micadinho I hope he allows you to say his info

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    Millanek123 has quite a good backyard

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    Sorry but he wants that I don't say his name

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    The easiest way to know more about home points would be to go to rankings -home points.


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