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    Fishao Chat! Should join and talk with others.

    Hey guys i just started a Fishao chat, so we can talk with eachother while we playing Ure welcome to join the fun.

    Hopefully we get some ppl in here the more the better it is. You dont need to register an account

    How To join the chat.

    1. Go to:

    2. Choise a nickname, Then write in channels: #Fishao and then press Connect, There we go.

    Ask if u got some questions.

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    it's not a problem to have more chats

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    Quote Originally Posted by Maxthon View Post
    There is already a chat for FISHAO ==>
    Was no ppl in the english one. So i wanna try and get some people

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    I don't see anyone in the chat...
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    Join #FISHAO! Directions ===>

    Want me to make you a FISHAO Forum signature or avatar? PM me! You can see some examples here.

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    earth (so original i know )
    maybe due to the fact of no one seeing the point from using since they PMs in different areas and public chat in the same area
    my tip to the thread maker : give something unique about this chat to the players or do you know? i will mention why its more than special and greater than other regular chats : here you can talk with whoever you want to speak with no matter which area, wait what ? did you say we have PMs for that?I dont remember that private messages allow +2 people enjoy discussing some topic without being in the same place or without spaming your message to multiple people just because you arent in contact with them.
    did you need an info about something you were wondering about? in this chat everybody can share his infos with you, infact the person you need to tell you that info doesnt need to be online on fishao.
    what are you guys waiting for? I already joined Fishao chat and hope all of you will too!

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    fishing.jpg LoL a fishy stole my rod


    [IMG]bicolor parrotfish[/IMG]

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    Hello all. I'm gonna go ahead and revive this. It seems that #fishao wasn't a registered channel, so I registered. And now it's revived. So, please join and take a look.


    If you'd like to join, go here:

    Once you get to the site, type in your username, click connect and you're in!

    If you have a registered username, you can login with "/msg nickserv identify <YourPasswordHere>

    To register your username, type "/msg nickserv register <YourPasswordHere> <Your@Email.Here>" Then follow the instructions it gives you.


    The chat has been pretty much dead lately! Please join!
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