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    Quote Originally Posted by UncleGrandpa View Post
    I this suggestion abhisek, some may think 100 FC is high (I do not) so for those I offer this alternative:

    Make this a part of the Palm Island 50 FC for 30 day package - Advanced Trading only available when both players are on Palm Island, the FC fee would discourage cheaters plus anyone can buy access to Advanced Trading Option making it equal for all and no need to mark any players as everyone you see on Palm Island is eligible.
    i said 100 fc , just for example, it could be 50 fc also....

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    Quote Originally Posted by ferrealz View Post
    Apart from the implementation question, I think most people on Palm Island would all be supplying the same thing and demanding the same thing. Paying 50 fish coins just to trade is a bit absurd, so I'm not exactly sure how you guys think this will play out. Do Palm Islanders have spare bait that they want to sell? Are they big demanders for rods? Maybe for some, but I don't think the split is even.
    Yes, most people on Palm Island would be supplying the same things: Rods, Baits, Looks, Decorations, Shells, Fish, Fruits & Floats - 1 point for you!

    It's not a difficult thing to understand how the (absurd ) suggestion to allow the trading of objects currently not allowed while at the same time dissuading cheaters from taking advantage via multiple accounts "will play out":

    All players have access to Palm Island for 30 days when they pay 50 FC. Cheaters will likely not pay 50 FC for each multiple account just to take advantage of unrestricted trade. For players who are undecided as to whether or not they want to pay 50 FC to visit a new area might now decide do so if it allows them to trade off their unwanted / unneeded items. Given the improvements that have recently been done with this game (missions, events, PALM ISLAND, etc.), from a layman/consumer point of view anyway, implementation should be doable as the main component of my amendment to abhisek's great idea has already been established.

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    I personally would rather just have the second hand guy open up a store instead of just buy everything. I'd love to buy everything he buys from other people
    On the supply side, I think higher level people will need mainly baits, shells and maybe rods (depends on the situation really). I think the majority would also be willing to supply simple rods, simple decorations maybe, fishbucks, fish, and maybe some other random things. I just don't think that the supply and demand of goods will be very balanced when most of the players on Palm Island are high level players.
    For example, I'm never going to buy a fish from someone else since it's practically useless for me to do so. I would buy shells, maybe some people would supply them, but the price will be set pretty high - my guess. Looks are already being traded, and most people from what I've seen have trouble selling off looks.

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    Those who have Advanced Trading facility they have the trade button in different colour....just like the picture below....


    this is my suggestion, it could be something else....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Salty View Post
    The reason trading baits, rods etc is not in the game is because people would create multiple accounts to cheat and give all of this to themselves.
    I agree with you Salty But I have an idea to prevent the cheat..50 rank+ for rods/baits trade Others on low rank


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    I got a new idea 30+ or some lv+ Poll Voting


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    I don't think trading bait to your own account is not really a problem.
    Maintaining a second account would be also a great deal of work.
    So there are people with time on their hands but no money and
    people with money on their hands but not time.
    Being able to tweak the circumstances of the game maintains the
    balance between the "time rich" and the "money rich".
    It is not cheating, it has been said before in this forum by a moderator
    that having a second account is allowed.
    Also you need to give some freedom to the free to play players that
    do not have the money to buy stuff but populate the game.
    They invest a lot of time and that should be cherished.
    If you drive away these players the players with money will also
    disappear because there's no one left and fishao will be a ghost town.

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