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Thread: fishao mission

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    This was changed about 6 months ago(?) due to complaints that there were too few people playing in tournaments making it difficult to fulfill the top 3 finish daily quest since tours cancel if less than 3 entries. Now every tournament spans all the servers. Take care jumping in a few seconds before the start, sometimes it takes a longer time than that to load the tournament. Good luck to you in your venture ottoman. Try early morning (3:00 - 5:00am) GMT in the middle of the week, player totals are typically lowest then.
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    Thanks Uncle, when the results are predetermined, I don't think it will really matter if a given player jumps in late by a minute or two, lol. I think this is a deal where no one loses because the people who don't win either break even on fishcoins or I'll pay them in fishbucks. If the players choose the other option, it's just a way for all of us to go fish in areas where we usually don't go

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    she would go into a server at a time when there is no people at that server

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    I wish we could be able to skip Sam missions.
    Zvanični srpski sajt za sve novosti iz sveta
    Zvanična srpska Fishao


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