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    Lightbulb Tournament Guide

    Hey, Welcome to my tournament guide

    first of all, this is my personal wiew how to play tournaments, if u dislike it just ignore the thread, Im not saying im some kind of superstar, but i see myself as a good player in tournaments.

    Im gonna do guide how I play in all the three different tournaments.

    What will be in the guide?

    - Highest total length of fish
    - Magic 15
    - Most experience points
    - What bait shall i use?
    - Radar
    - Luck Potion
    - Magic Watch

    Highest total length of fish

    What bait shall i use here?

    Fish or Plug the only difference between these two is that u can catch an Mekong Giant Catfish that can be over 300cm long.

    What rod shall i use?

    Power rod or better.

    Radar,Clock or Radar?

    Use Clock. One big reason, you will have the clock on the next tournament too (magic 15).
    Do not use Radar on this. Cause if u find an hotspot the other players will go to you.
    Potion is kinda meh too. Cause alot of 1star fishes grow to 90cm.

    How to play?

    First of all you will go to the middle pool and throw out your ins. If you see someone catch a fish. You need to go that pool and throw where he did. this mode you need to see where the fish are catches, someone found a hotspot? Go there. And u need to be grouped. So u can be close if someone get a fish... with other words if someone has got an fish. U can easy get fishes from there too.
    bild 3.jpg Big picture:
    As u see in the picture 2 guys are far away from the other, means they are for sure not gonna catch any fishes.

    Magic 15

    What bait shall i use here?

    Grasshopers. Other insects works too. But being outclassed by grasshoppers. If u dont have that much coing works Dough too.

    What rod shall i use?

    Anything with a medium range or more.

    Radar,Clock or potion?

    Clock clock and clock again. First of all. If u played Highest total lenght of fish before you gonna still gonna have the clock for this. And it dosnt matter if u get a 5star or 1star fish here. All you need is to catch then up, If u buy a Radar u gonna prob get a fast fish. But the other players will go where u got the fish. So it dosent really matter that much with radar.
    With the clock u can switch pos easy. Cause all you need is to get so many fishes u can possible get.

    How to play?

    First throw u gonna throw in the red circle i marked for you in the picture down. Beacuse other ppl will not see as easy if u get a fish there. You gonna see why. If you dont get a fish there you gonna throw ur next ins where someone else had a fish.
    You have now catched 5 fishes. DO NOT go to the next place. Beacuse then u maybe dont reach the hotspots.
    Bild 1.jpg Big picture:

    Most experience points

    What Bait shall i use?

    God this is hard. Either u go Fish/Plug or Dough/Insect this is 2 different playstyles.

    What rod shall i use?

    If u go with the classic playstyle u gonna go with Power rod or better

    If u gonna go with the "5 star" style u gonna need a big road or better.

    Radar, clock or Potion?

    The classic playstyle u gonna go with a Luck potion 1. Cause then u will have more of those 20-50xp fishes instead of all those 10xp. Will help alot. Radar is kinda pointless cause then all other gonna go to you. Clock works tho... not as good as the luck potion 1.

    The "5star" style you gonna go with a luck potion 2. So you have better chanse of getting those 5 star fishes. Cause if you just get 1 you will for sure gonna win the game. Tho this are gonna block your Clock in Highest total length of fish

    How to play?

    The two different styles that i talked about is pretty much the same here. You gonna find the group of people and start seeking for hotspots.
    bild 2.jpg Big picture:

    The classic style - Are the most safe move. You gonna have a good amount of base fishes and will have a great of xp.

    The 5 star fish - I hate people who play this... Well u know the feeling u have around 300more xp then the rest and then someone get a 5star fish, +700xp

    Good to know

    Gonna list up some things that are good to know for my sight of the wiew.

    Here we go:

    - Do play in Fullscreen. You need to see where shit happends.
    - Do use ur left hand to catch the fish and your right hand to press X so you can throw out again fastest possible.
    - Magic Watch Your dream friend. An item that are good in Magic 15 and Highest total length of fish
    - Fish beats Plug in every way.
    - Do buy everything you need before u join the tournament. So you not wasting time buying random stuff
    - Listen on your favourite music. Cause thar for sure gonna make you more pumped and do everything better.
    - If u dont get a fish in a hotspot. Try another time.
    - The order of tournaments is always: Highest total length of fish->Magic 15->Most experience points

    Thats it. Thanks for taking ur team reading this. English are not my native laungage if you find any spell misstakes post it please, pm works too.

    If u got any questions i will ask them the best i can.

    Have fun and win some coins.

    Thanks Salty for this too. Anyone else would start to hate me with all the questions i asked him :P

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    Nice guide Fredrik

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    Looks good!

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    Good job fred !

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    Good guide mate!

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    Nice! Thanks for this Guide!

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    Good guide , HOPE it helps a lot of players

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    gud for us , nice guide

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    does xp booster work for boat?

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    Quote Originally Posted by karadur View Post
    does xp booster work for boat?
    Yes exp booster really works one day when I participated in boat just I used exp booster 2 to gain in level I reached 1 new level and caught my biggest barracuda, ocean sunfish and some new fishes with an 5* really using exp booster in tournaments are good


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