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    Social and Environmental Awareness : Keep the Beach Clean

    Keep the Beach Clean


    Just like Shells on the Beach , we need to create some trashes on the Pinheira Beach and Palm Island Beach....Players should collect all trashes and clean the beach, which boosts the Social and Environmental Awareness....They will put all trashes in TRASH DRUM....Players will get level up % in every attempt of cleaning.....or for every cleaning up 100 trashes 100 experience would be added , 1 trash = 1 exp .............Clean World Green World.....



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    Oh...I love this idea! Salty please add it!

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    maybe 100fb per 100trash
    If the average person had to fish for their life, they would probably die.

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    thats is even better!

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    superb idea
    plz add it salty

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    This is a neat concept Love your graphics

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    Thanks everybody for supporting this idea....

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    good idea are always good big bro no need to say thanx

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    I think Every Social Game must contribute something which improve our society , this is the responsibility of Every Social Game.....

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    The beach is already clean and trash free. What kind of a message would the game makers be sending if they were to fill the beach up with trash? How would this make the players of Fishao look, as they are the only ones that could be putting this trash all over the beach? This is a terrible idea.
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