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    I feel the game gets boring after level 125 for those who don't spend so much real money in
    the game, because the progress is so slow and you can only get any further with a fishao rod
    and a super duper fishing line and that is also super duper expensive.
    It really gets boring if you have to play every day all day to make progress. Does not feel dynamic.
    I would like to see more little goals along the way.

    Furthermore I would like a response to this statement.

    Thank you

    (And please don't tell me that it is normal to spend all your time and all your money on the game.)

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    Just follow Herb when he exits going to different world)))

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    Answer to bubblebee:
    I don´t know what you require from FISHAO. We do updates all the time in the game. All from releasing fishes to releasing new worlds.

    After lvl 125 you can fish in lost valley1-2 and open the pirate cave. You can build up your own goals for example trying to catch all fishes in the game or decorate your house as you really want it. And now you get a free decoration every 48 hour. I can count up endless of goals to try to complete.

    And of course you get benefits by buying coins. You can lvl up faster or get a 5 star fish faster better rods and lines etc.

    I wanna add now when i have the chance. That we are both grateful and humble to those players who think this game is worth the time and money they spend in it Thanks to all of you

    As you said furthermore. I think that your demand of a response. Is some form of a really bad attitude. We choose when and if we shall post a message!!!

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    can i suggest that...
    can u put clan chat bcz it to hard to communicate to a clan member that don't know where they are what they doing and knowing them so much bcz uu never met them b4 =.=

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    It is deluded to spend hundreds of dollars on this game.

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    I think 4fc price for White Radar is not really proper since it has only "GOOD" detection and only active for 10 minutes, and also 4fc for White Radar is very close to 5fc Blue Radar. Yet, Blue Radar has an "EXCELLENT" or "PERFECT" spot dectection and active for 15 minutes. Difference is only 1 fishcoin, but life activation and best spot detection between both is very significant.

    So I would like to suggest White Radar cost should be reduce from 4fc to 3fc. And I think it is a very fair price to all players. And I also believe if White Radar sold at 3fc, the sales will be increase and it will be good for your business as well.

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    Thanks goner.

    The prices of things in game is not carved in stone. As not for the white radar either. We will see what the future will bring.

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    Uncle Grandpa that was nice though so a future player's shall feel the feelings of a past member that was a nice suggestion GREAT (Y)

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    I AGREE! hmm it is crazy enough but it is so excellent SUGGESTION!

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    Well i like the idea of a lot here well it wont be granted XD Just kidding


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