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    Quote Originally Posted by Snowden View Post
    It is nice to see you taking an active role here in asking for players input. I think that we as players feel quite out of touch with the leadership here, we are almost never told in game of upcoming changes, never let know with an in game message what new changes have been implemented or what new fish have been added. We do not have any "coming soon to Fishao" messages or popups to inform us of what to look forward to, and there is no way to provide feedback in game for changes that occur or offer suggestions.

    So what update would I most like to see in Fishao? I would like to see you take a genuine interest in communication with the players as human beings and not just red or black ink on your balance sheet. Get the players involved and make Fishao a fun place by sending out periodic in game announcement notices of future changes, announce a fun new all experience doubled day, perhaps a beach party day where shells rate is doubled for the day, maybe send out a "Come see Palm Island day" notice where entrance is free for everyone for 1 day, or yes, perhaps even a special on one or more game purchases. Or???

    In the past it has seemed that we as players are on the outside and not respected as real people, If you should decide to implement some form of the changes outlined above, I strongly suspect that may also have a positive effect on profitability.
    I agree on you Snowden. Right now we mostly inform our players through the Facebook page, but not everyone have access to it. We'll try to communicate a little bit better from now on.

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    I would like to see the ability to buy worms with fishbucks. There have been times when I wasn't able to participate in herb's requests because I had no coins to buy live bait with.

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    a new area. if you would like to see more details on this area please vist new area by colton111. also be sure to sign up for fishao club. it is created and ran by me.

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    lvl up for runing shoes......
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    Quote Originally Posted by admin View Post
    What do you REALLY want to see in FISHAO? What are we missing right now, what would make you enjoy the game even more?

    - Admin
    Please rollback Ben and Herb to the 2013 settings: Ben 1 coin every 8th day, Herb Quest 1-8(?) fish coins.

    Thank you.

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    All the above are good ideas but I believe not many fishers are thinking about the makers. I think this question from the admin is not only coming for our fun but could make a differance of keep going or bleed to death. That's why I send a mail to Gamovation with recommendations how to make more money to keep the game alive . This game is populair but the makers make no profit so don't think of our fun only but realise that without a reasonable profit this game will end sooner or later.

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    In the communications tab, just make a DELETE ALL BUTTON. Simple life.

    And please be MORE ACTIVE in making your poll in Facebook. Take note that not all players have forum accounts and did not had the chance in voting for the removal of rod, item and bait trading and most of them have FB account.

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    Please check out these links:


    3. I also want the game to develop a TRADE BAN to ban all will scammers in trades. Also add chats in trades so we won't be alarmed with the surprise trades. I simply hate that attitude.

    4. Add some different clothing, accessories to the players.

    5. You could return the tradings with at least shells (or everything if possible), since there is already a double confirmation in the game. In the past, that is my old business. Collecting shells in exchange for power, quality or bronze rod (800-1200 shells).

    6. Use the house down in Sibiri. Maybe for a hideout or a shop or something. Game house may do.

    7. Mods should return the VIEW PM BOX button. Who knows, the youngsters are having a secret dating or a war or something which degrades the reputation of the game.

    8. Return the live stream of the game.

    9. Better be more critical with the spelling, grammar or sense errors in the game, especially English. I will be very critical with it and be able to help in fixing those errors.

    10 (AND THE MOST IMPORTANT). Please add the MILKFISH in the game! It is the national fish of the Philippines. You may place it in beach or the harbor. Make Filipinos proud!

    I hope I contributed to you Joppe. It's time for you to wake up. Thanks! ;D
    With a nice and clean game, justice shall be served.

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    amazed by how an easy question is failed to be understood by so many...
    all I see is lists of wishes, while the questions simply was, which of them is your top-wish... how is the admin ging to choose which are top wishes if we all send in tons of wishes?

    my top wish?
    return the tournament system to what it was OR change it again. A good option would be to have an option to attend in type A, type B or Type C tournaments. type A would be max 5 participants, type B, max 10 and type C the max it has now. this way we can opt to enter smalelr tournaments in which prices are also low, or gamble more for bigger prices in big tournaments. I think a lot more people would participate if they would know only 5 people will attend, because they need top 3. Don't know if it is possible though to run more tournaments simultaneously, because in this system it might be needed to have 4 or 5 of them running at the same time if 20 or 25 people want to attend the type A tournament instead of a bigger one... So if not possible, the initial tournementsystem would do.

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    I've added several of your ideas to our developers update list. Keep them coming!


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