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    @slacker: I thought it would be Rex for you.But before u posted here we heard the good news. Yes the question was simple from admin to give only one wish.Not all in fishao comes to forums. So it was a opinion of so many consolidated according to the order of if it's one wish the top most is the one friend. Regarding your wish I too hope it happens and I too support your idea too if something is done to prevent creation of clones. May be just like trading people in same IP may be not allowed to participate in same tourney or it may be limited to two.

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    Rex needs to do a better job and not fail on a second or third attempt

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    Quote Originally Posted by berrylapeste View Post
    IDEAS crazy IDEAS

    You could make a house as big as the screen,
    enter for a free or not, the two sides of the house, along with the garden.
    Add new furnishings for the home and garden.
    It would be nice to have in the store, the walls, to create divisions in the house.
    Kitchenware, Stove, most types of refrigerators, new plants ....
    A house for 20 people. It happens so many times not to enter.

    When you complete a level by drawing all the fish, instead of medals, as a gift, a special décor theme or a picture from (hang on the wall!) Which relate to the finite level, or a gift any.

    night level
    open from 19:00 to 5:00
    It is almost dark
    the moon and the stars… so beautiful violin music…:P

    When a comet passes you 3 minutes to 5 experience.
    fish under water are phosphorescent
    and our skin and phosphorescent.
    the writing of our chat are phosphorescent.

    or it is almost evening, and there is nothing phosphorescent

    level MOON (or another planet)
    there is only a small pool of water and the fish are caught extraterrestrials.
    there is a UFO and occasionally raises dust
    falling meteorites, which give energy 5

    or, the night level, completing, you can enter the moon ...

    a lost one, you can go to more people?

    the fruit can be cataloged in an easier way during the centrifuges?

    in trade you can have a chat?

    possibility to distinguish the sound of the sea, and the nature, from that of the steps, and other sounds.

    can pass sometimes, seagulls and birds, in some areas?

    at the beach, a kiosk (cottage), where you can get,and have fun with the fantasy.

    .. I'm crazy ? : O
    I love these ideas!

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    make the fishao rod the best rod in fishao again by it being the only rod that can have a line up to level 25 also that would help catch megalodon

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    Now that is really making fishao animated great ideas, the moon, the sun, seagulls, bigger houses, we will pay and buy more items with bigger houses yes love it ,,, the animation in these ideas would be amazing yes crazy but so much more fun

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    Quote Originally Posted by nahnook View Post
    I love these ideas!
    brilliant ideas, moon, sun, seagulls, more animation , bigger houses, so we can spend more yes love these ideas,, and more fish to catch too, under the moon, in the little ponds that normally form around the sea like rock pools, love love love these ideas and yes your crazy : with a great imagination. for more fun in fishao

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    My one and only wish (admin) more fish to catch. I note when new areas open like palm or lost valley, facebook goes crazy with posts of I caught it here at this time etc etc etc.... this should be a good indication that everyone wants more fish to catch,,, make it a challenge that's achievable and make the fish in all areas for all levels ...


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    Quote Originally Posted by Jaden_LS8 View Post
    make the fishao rod the best rod in fishao again by it being the only rod that can have a line up to level 25 also that would help catch megalodon
    Agree and maybe do the F-Rod a little less expensive (1000-800 FC) or search ways to get more fishcoins, this one would be my wish.

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    a new farm will be good, like koi farm or grasshopper farm (we can catch them by handy net or just step them like shells)


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