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    Quote Originally Posted by HKArmy View Post
    Agree and maybe do the F-Rod a little less expensive (1000-800 FC) or search ways to get more fishcoins, this one would be my wish.
    Cool I need it a lot


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    Quote Originally Posted by Léo View Post
    could have new Egyptian masks, or even uniform.
    Greek masks, African masks as wel,Horus maskl.

    How about a HERB Mask? For april fool day only like christmas hat


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    Jdogbest...I love that idea of turning fish bones into fossils......lets say 100 fish bones =1 fossil for an example....AWESOME IDEA!!!!

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    If I had an idea. I would change up the tournaments.
    I would switch up the moray tourney to longest length total or catch 15
    boat tourney to longest too or catch 15.
    the catch 15: to longest or most exp points. Just give us a few options. No new boards need to be made. Just a thought.

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    We will take that in mind

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    I think it would be a great idea to add an arowana badge. There are a bunch of them, and there's already a catfish badge, shark badge, and sturgeon badge, so why not an arowana badge?

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    Yes it has been a lot Arowanas since the first one released

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    Also, maybe some new looks such as facial hair could be added? Like beards and mustaches. :P

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    Maybe get rid of 250 experience on the lucky raft...that prize is garbage

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    I don´t know how you can call a free thing garbage?
    And you must have different values of prices. What should else be the thrill by spinning the wheel?
    And yes you must have done a payment with real money to unlock the raft. But that does not mean that
    you shall hit the jackpot on the wheel all the time
    And for a lower level player 250 experience is quite much...


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