Lots of bugs should be fixed today:

1. Spilgames users can buy coins again in full-screen mode
2. Nobody should be stuck at the mission "learn fishao basics" anymore.
3. Disconnects after tournaments should be gone.
4. Daily quest that requires Shark Lure to catch a certain shark does not appear for players below level 29 anymore (you need to be lvl 29 to buy shark lures).
5. Albino Catfish has been added to Catfish collection
6. Green reload button after a disconnect should work again.
7. Fishboxes shouldn't appear anymore on strange places (like in the water).
8. Fixed at problem where If someone logs in on your account you just got disconnected instead of seeing "You're logged in somewhere else!"
9. This should be gone too:
10, For security reasons, we also decided that others will not be able to see your email address anymore.