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    new referrals

    Hello all name is Dave and I go by the username of hawk261830....I enjoy the great game of fishao as I meet new players as they log in to play . If anyone would like to play a truly great game.Please use my referral and join the game.
    After you have joined the game....please send me a message and I will be more than happy to help you get a head start in your quest as a great fisherman!! Hope to hear from you soon...peace!

    Please click the link below to join:

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    Your game is really rather difficult to play
    I've tried many times but still does not understand very well

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    mrzer..its not really that difficult once you know what to do.......You log onto the fishao site from yahoo....once click on the map below left to travel to different areas to fish.Fishing is rather easy once you know how to do it.You cast your line out with left click from your mouse.Once you have a start to reel it in....using your keyboard arrows.A small screen will show up showing the direction the fish is pulling by a blue horizontal color.When the fish is going to the hit the right arrow....if the fish goes to the hit the left....sometimes having to hit the keys continuously depending on how big the fish is.Hope this helps...and hope to see you fishing soon!

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    I guess it's sorta useless posting referrals on the forum, since pretty much everyone here plays FISHAO.

    EDIT: Oops, I didn't realize this thread was four weeks old.

    Join #FISHAO! Directions ===>

    Want me to make you a FISHAO Forum signature or avatar? PM me! You can see some examples here.


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