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    Lucky Raft - Wheel of Fortune

    Today we got new area - only for paying players.

    By buying any amount of fishcoins/bucks for real money you get access to Lucky Craft.
    If you bought some earlier, you already have access.

    What do you get there?

    Free spin on Wheel of Fortune every 24 hours and you can pay 10 fishcoins to get an instant spin.

    10 + 1 new species = 1 [Barracuda] is already there and you can catch it with existing baits.

    You can unlock 10 new species by spinning Wheel of Fortune.
    - Bigeye Barracuda, Bigeye Tuna, Black Marlin, Pacific Bluefin Tuna, Pelican Barracuda, Sharpfin Barracuda, Striped Marlin, White Marlin, Yellowfin Tuna, Yellowtail Barracuda -
    Those species can be caught by "Special lure" (3 different lures) - you can get them by spinning Wheel of Fortune.

    All prizes on Wheel of Fortune

    - Unlock fish
    - Unlock Special lure
    - Glowing Rod
    - Random Rod
    - 50 energy
    - 10 fishcoins
    - 100 fishcoins
    - 250 experience points
    - Random Gadget
    - Random Bait
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    Cool prizes! If you pay real money for fish coins do you only get the raft for 1 day or when you buy fish coins you get it forever?

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    Quote Originally Posted by 678Jack View Post
    Cool prizes! If you pay real money for fish coins do you only get the raft for 1 day or when you buy fish coins you get it forever?
    Unlimited access.
    You can enter anytime and catch fish.
    Free spin on WF every 24 hours

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    Can you get FISHAO rod in the random rod??

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    You never know

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    Okay I hope so that would be amazing! Thanks guys

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    The best rod I got so far is the power and steal rod Jack

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    So close to 100 fishcoins.Screenshot 2016-02-08 at 6.50.07 PM.jpg I did spend 10 fishcoins for an extra spin and I won 10 fishcoins. I then tried again and got a LP2. My first spin instead of getting 100 fishcoins I got 20 throw-ins of Tuna Lure

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    Can it be??
    Since I try Wheel of Fortune I become 50 energie. The last 3 ore 4 Days nothing else. It that a bug?? I read often that players become diferent thinks. But 90 % energie one time 250 exp points and one random gadget ( small lure). Can I stopped the wheel?? I hope that I become after this long time tomorrow other think.


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