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Thread: Compensation

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    Supposedly I reported a cursing player but the chat ban for 7 days was imposed to me instead of the offender. That's wrong right?

    When my ban was lifted and I explained, the mod told that is was an HONEST MISTAKE and apologized for it. Shall I get a compensation (like giving coins, bucks, etc. depending on the severity) for that (please)?
    With a nice and clean game, justice shall be served.

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    As the moderator said it was an honest mistake.
    So i think you can take him/hers word as a compensation.

    During the chat ban i canīt belive that you lost anything of value because of that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by djearthquake View Post
    As the moderator said it was an honest mistake.
    So i think you can take him/hers word as a compensation.

    During the chat ban i canīt belive that you lost anything of value because of that.
    But what will happen if the wronged player did not accept that and instead, he will quickly report to the admin?

    Maybe he is always playing and (for example) was wrongly full banned or chat banned for a year but he is a daily player. During those ban periods, he can transact with other players at that time and was wrongfully deprived of that...

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    Why speculate in a hypothetical thing?

    And if it should happen it would be a honest mistake. That is easy to fix.

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    What bothers me is that this is still happening.
    It happened numerous times before (also to me) and as it happens so often I can only repeat what I said back then : CHANGE THE SYSTEM !!
    I honestly don't want to know how many people got a wrong ban by mistake so far... it realy seems way to easy to ban the wrong person by mistake. This realy needs to change. I bet the game lost numerous people because of this. Those are the ones who won't come to report the mistake has been made but simply go find an other game. An other thing coming from it is that people stop reporting misuse of the game, because they realize it can get themselves banned.

    In fact, as it is a repeat thing which is known to happen, and nothing is done to prevent it, I honestly start feeling that for every next time this happens, compensations SHOULD be rewarded. When something happens so often, you can't realy claim it is an accident anymore, it starts to be something predictable. As we speak, we just know it WILL happen again, and rather soon...

    So please DJ, stress to the devs to fix the system so mods can't accidentally ban the wrong player anymore.

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    I canīt go into how our system looks or works.
    And itīs never ok to be banned by mistake.

    But more times then you can imagine, Is it the reporter who has done something wrong (ex spam,fake report,cursing etc.)
    Therefore the moderator have to got a choice either warn,ban the abuser or warn,ban the reporter

    You say that we shall change the system. But i donīt think that we need that. The system (our mod panels) works good.
    And honestly i havenīt got so many complains (If any). That a player has been banned wrong because the moderator clicked the wrong player to ban.

    But of course if itīs a problem we need to talk to all moderators about that.

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    Well, guys, do you remember that even banned (not full-banned, but chat/pm banned) player can use a report button?

    So if player knows he/she was banned from mistake, such player can simply report again and ask to check it! It is in case of chat ban. If it is full ban, we have forums for it. I remember few times (quite rare, by the way, few times in almost 2 years in game and a year of moderating) when there were real mistakes.. and each time when banned player was innocent, this player reported about it and asked to investigate. And all was solved (wrong ban removed, real abuser punished). Mostly very fast.

    P.S. Anyone can make a mistake. It is probably not good, but it is human factor.

    P.P.S. And I can say from my own moderator's exp, sometimes both abuser and reporter break the rules. So if I hear that someone was banned instead of offender and doesn't ask to investigate a mistake, I'll just suppose that this player also broke rules and doesn't want to be checked, so probably wants to hide something.. Sorry if I'm a bit suspicious, it is just an influence of such kind of work
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    hey admin i need ur help there is account which is hacked account name precious diamond9 and she is full ban its not the real owner who was talking n all

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    Well obvious itīs not you. And She HAVE in some sort of way given out the login information to the account. And sadly probably the E-mail too. Alt have she got a really really easy pass etc. In these cases we donīt use to "Give back the account" as we must prove that he is he/she is she. And that is most time hard. But if she have any interest of getting the account back. Itīs she who must get in touch with me or any of the administrators to get some help. Itīs even worse if a "Friend" does it. The credibility are decreased by that

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    actually i m her bro
    i will tell her to talk to u


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