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    New area! FLOWER VALLEY

    Since a long time there was no new blasts in FISHAO, I decided to create an idea for a new one area that is very interesting
    Area is name ,, Flower Valley ,, and I think it is the right time for it because it is summer time..

    This area can be accessed by:
    1. You must be lvl 10+ as is the entrance into a new area in the Cool Mountains,

    Enter in Flower Valley.jpg

    In order to open the gate, we need to trade 10 feet with Koral 500 shells.

    2. When you enter the Flower Valley,can collect the flowers fall to 15 minutes (every 15 minutes to 5 flowers fall)... Flowers collects and shells.
    Flower Valley (50% resolutions)...This is a freshwater area where you can catch fish and not just collect the flowers ..

    Flower Valley.jpg

    3. In the Flower Valley there one Colour hut in which he lives bot...Bot can sell flowers and in return we get from bota 10 grasshoppers -----> 25 flowers - 10 grasshoppers

    Flower shop.jpg

    4.Flowers in invetory..

    Flowers in invetory.jpg

    I hope you liked my idea and it will be accepted and ubro made in FISHAO...If you would be working this area .. programmers could change the appearance of the waterfall trees, huts and other things, I had a very good material that is different from other areas, so I used in other areas...

    Thank's very much more on

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    It's good idea I hope admins add this to fishao But this have detail errors

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    Yeah something maybe to think about

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    Thank's Andrej and Dj Earthquake
    Yes Andrej,have errors Is one of in photos ,,Flowers in inventory,, Write ,, Flowers can be found on the beach, maybe you can use them for something?,,
    And you should write ,, Flowers can be found on the Flower Valley maybe you can use them for something? ,, I forgot to write

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    Flower Valley.jpg

    How do you edit such pictures??
    Anyways cool


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