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    Red face Furniture - Badges and Unlock Fish in Mystic Furniture Shop

    (I'm not new but still have not figured this out )


    I know that to collect badges for furniture collections, you must acquire a full furniture set (like spooky or classic furniture, for example). You can buy them at Carp's Store.

    When I want to check to see what I already have acquired, I have noticed that sometimes I have a piece of furniture that does not show up on my 'collection' screen (the girl with the red hair on left side of screen).

    Now I have discovered that in order for that piece to show up on collection screen I must first place the piece in my home...and voila, it shows up as me having it. Question is: If i remove that piece from my cluttered home, will it still count towards my badge?

    Unlock Fish:

    I read here that if you collect furniture from Mystic Furniture Shop that you can unlock fish in the little river inside the shop.And once you unlock a fish, if you sell or trade away a piece from a completed set, you then lose the unlocked fish.

    Question: Do I have to place each piece of furniture acquired here in my home (just like badge collecting) to make it show up in my screen for fish unlock at mystic shop?

    Thank you for any help and instructions

    Here is discussion about losing a fish when you sell from completed collection for unlocking fish:

    and pic of post about it:

    furniture missing lose fish.jpg
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    Badges: it shall simply be enough to have had the spooky or golden furniture etc in your house once then take it away to sell it or something like that.

    Unlock fish. Those furniture set you must have complete for having a fish in the furniture factory. If you sell a furniture and don´t have the complete set you don´t have a fish there any more.

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    That's great

    (i know i asked for a lot of information in first post...might have missed this...but should I place the Mystic furniture in my home at least once to get it to show up on Mystic Collection Screen? Or is it not necessary?)

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    That shall not be necessary.

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    Very clear now I get it

    Thank you

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    I have quite a few extras. I am open to trading whatever for whatever to complete sets.

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    Balloon TV

    Candy LAMP
    Candy TABLE

    Soccer FLOOR
    Soccer SINGLE SOFA

    Space CHAIR
    Space BED
    Space TV
    Space TABLE
    Space WARDROBE

    Gorgeous BED
    Gorgeous WARDROBE
    Gorgeous WHISKEY TABLE

    If an item does not appear on this list, I have at least one. I will trade any item that I have multiples of.... so message me if you have an extra of anything in the above list.


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