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    Heart shaped fishy water ripples for Valentine's Day

    heart ripples 1.jpg

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    how lovely ^_^

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    Happy Valentine

    i saw them too! i love them. hope they stay forever!
    happy valentine day and happy fishing ^_^


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    I enjoyed those hearts. Good one Fishao

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    sibiri 3.jpg sibiri.jpg

    Gridlines in game:


    I've had these before, they lasted for a couple months
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    I disappeared from the screen. Totally disappeared!!

    post on site where did i go.jpg

    I was walking west (left) and totally disappeared!! I waited to reappear but nothing happened. I then used the arrows keys and I walked back into screen from the left side, but OFF Screen!! My conclusion is I walked into the 'gridlines' that are on the screen and somehow walked behind the graphics. Strange but true

    Here is a pic of Marshville at actually stayed dark for quite awhile. Pretty cool :

    nighttime in marshville.jpg
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    You might not be able to tell for sure from screenshot but I can walk through trees and rocks too

    walkin thru rocks too.jpg

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    When Herb is in Laketown but you can't find him .... he's in the trees

    When Herb is in the trees.jpg


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