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Thread: help!!!!!

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    Exclamation help!!!!!

    the mod banned me for nothing!!!they banned the wrong person
    pls say this for***Name deleted by DJ Earthquake***
    send all what i said
    if dj or salty who saw this so pls sent it
    and come in fishao and see all my chat log's
    and med's chat logs
    and come and see who have to get the ban...pls help me
    if i am who have then keep me in it
    but if not pls unban me
    see all the chat log's
    and ***Name deleted by DJ Earthquake*** didn't understand me so she banned me
    and another mod call the_***Name deleted by DJ Earthquake***he don't understand me too
    he is thinking that i am spaming***Name deleted by DJ Earthquake***
    but all what i say it mean that i wanna show ***Name deleted by DJ Earthquake*** the truth
    all the mod never understand and why?idk why..........pls if u are really mod's so u have to know the truth and how u have to know the truth?it's by seeing the pls come and see..if u dont wan't so i can't belive that (((

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    You have threaten the moderator which you blame a ban for.

    She has done it by the book and banned all your accounts when you started come back with them.
    I think it´s has been so severe that i´m gonna add some time to your chat/PM ban in your original account


    Closing this thread both wrong acustation and wrong place for it.


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