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Thread: some ideas

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    some ideas

    A shop where you can trade your fish bucks and then you get coins back, for example: 2000 fish bucks for 2 coins.

    a shop in marshville where you can deliver 5* fishes for example insect bait.

    See that someone is typing

    a new world for level 140+ named Magic hole, where you can catch only 5* fishes with bait dough or bait fish.

    Palm buy for 1 week 10 coins

    if you 7 days logging in a row you get 5 fish coins

    If you're increased a level above level 130 you will receive 1 coin.

    If you win a club tournament, every player in the top 5 will receive some coins!
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    Maybe we will implement any of your ideas in the game.

    Thanks for your suggestions

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    Ok thanks!

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    Very good ideas, I hope some of them will be added because it is cool :)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Andrej945 View Post
    Very good ideas, I hope some of them will be added because it is cool
    thanks! I hope that some ideas come in the game!


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