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    Gadgets-stop and pause!

    A lot of players is proposed to introduce a pause gadgets, which would of course help a lot players. When you move from one district to need time to load that area, or if there was a pause, we could save time gadgets and fish coins.


    -Pause~ Clicking the pause can pause gadget.
    -Play~ Clicking the play can continue gadget.
    -Stop~ Clicking on the stop, the gadget stops and the remaining time can continue to click Continue in the inventory; We can not start a new gadget until they spend all the time remaining gadget ..


    In this way we can also save coins so that when we go to tournaments a gadget we can use the tournament 2-3
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    We will take this suggestions with us in the future and see if it will be implemented in any form.


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    very interesting


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