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    May 2014
    Northern Nevada, USA
    Hello everyone, my name is Caroleenie56, am from Northern Nevada, USA - home of world class Trout fishing....... am having a blast with this game......... hope to make lots of friends, open to suggestions, and thank you for allowing me to a part of the forum - great information.......

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    Hi guys,

    Sorry for kind of resurrecting this thread, but I just joined the forum, and decided to introduce myself.
    My name is William, I'm 21 and I live in France.
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    I'm having a lot of fun with this game.
    Looking forward to spending good times on this board!
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    hello everyone. my username is fishinglures. I am us english 1 and 2. Feel free to ask me to be your friend because I will except. Thanks

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    Hello Everyone . I am Bryan Carry. I am new here.

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    Hello orange guy and BryanCarry!

    I hope you will like your stay here and have lots of fun in Fishao

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    I'm Evelien from the Netherlands, (in game evelienLhorses)
    My hobby,s are playing FISHAO and i love horse riding! (i don't have a horse)

    Greetz eh... you now my name ;-)

    I'm sorry i was on vacation in Brazil

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    You can also find me on ;-)

    ( evelienLhorses )

    I'm sorry i was on vacation in Brazil

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    Hello! I am was24 from USA. Feel free to chat with me in game!
    Happy Fishing!

    Join #FISHAO! Directions ===>

    Want me to make you a FISHAO Forum signature or avatar? PM me! You can see some examples here.

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    Southern Carolina
    Hello I'm Lily_Belle,
    well I'm not actually her, she is my Shih Tzu pup. You can see her on my profile, I'm her owner, "Donny" from the US east coast. I play mostly in English 1-2 regions because there are more players active than in US regions but I play them all. Look me up and I'll gladly friend you! ~~~ Peace.

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    Now I will introduce My name is Cyoosi I live in Japan, and im already finish in College master degree but I know how to speak Tagalog and English and I'm 19 years old and just good to say. sorry for bad english and im addicted In fishao world because im find this game im react wow that is good for me but im not expect some days im play everyday but im not expect im addicted this game so this game is good for me


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