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Thread: Arabic server?

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    Post Arabic server?

    We want to see how many players would be interested in us adding an Arabic server to Fishao. If enough people are interested, we will investigate how doable it will be for us. Note: We are not adding an Arabic translation to Fishao, but it would be a server for people speaking Arabic.

    Would you like to see an Arabic server in Fishao? Please answer the poll above.
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    Thanks for your interest

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    Check this video "How to make a Fishao Forum account"

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    Salty I think it is very good idea I see a lot of people from Moroco, India, Philipines and this Arabic server will be very usefull for them.

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    I much like the idea that it will be easier for players who are from there!

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    Arabic server

    Number 1 I think it would be a great idea for Arabic players and I also think you shoud consider creating some more servers and without them it limits players especially if they are having trouble speaking English

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    Yeah, a good idea. Have friend who would like that

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    Arabic server

    Yes I believe there should be one

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    yes of course it would be great to have an arabic server in fishao
    it would be great if fishao supports arabic typing
    because when you type in arabic letters go from left to right and be wrong
    but of course if there gonna be an arabic server thats great
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    I think its a really good idea. I also think that a lot of people would like this but they might not be on the forums.


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