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    Hi, I wanted to mention that one of the moderators is unfortunately not active for 40 days. I noticed that this is not the first time. Can you do anything about it? I can give the nick of the modulator if needed. Considering that I have already sent an application, I would be happy to replace the modulator if he is no longer able to fulfill his duties.

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    Well we are glad that there are peoples who want to be moderators in the game.
    But with that said it might be so that the moderator you talks about (Good that you not using names) are free for some other thing. It can be for a maternity/paternity leave or a long vacation, sickness etc there are 100 of things that it can be. And it is up to us to decide who that shall be a moderator in his place if we need a change)

    I´m well aware that you want to be a moderator. But maybe it could be so that there is someone else before in line.Someone with more skills for example: Game hours,leaderships skills,computer skills etc etc

    Enough about this closing this thread.


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