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    Smile Development concepts

    As we all know fishao is a cool game and these features that I give may help make it much better

    New Features
    1) As there is a system of code I got scammed by it, instead there must be a place to enter code and get luckyraft the code could be bought in-game

    2) The location "Palm Island is unlocked by only paying 50FC how about unlocking it forever with other of the some more Fishcoins or maybe other jobs

    3) First I didn't knew where to post in forum so this feature was in become a moderator/translator The feature is "MiniMods"
    A smaller version of mods with different costume and a bit less feature with less requirements

    4) Use of homepoints there are currently no more than a few benefits of homepoints how about making a bit of it?

    5) As I see in forum posts 120+ level location is also a great idea how about having some??

    6) As the time goes the developments must be nice one: Before sometime there was even no much fishes some more fishes, Rods,bait,Tournaments etc could be added

    7) Many players think of it all items trading,As moderator has already rejected the feature but some like Floats,Baits,Fishbox which couldn't be scammed could be traded if not all.Also if accepted then the FC trading system to prevent scams level 70+ to use it

    8) It might not be wrong but a seperate event for low rank players or we low level are always beaten by pros in event

    9) Non scam when I got a code scam 25k no mods just helped me recover it if that isn't strict all players make a new account and scam so please recovery and immediate permanent ban must be done

    10)Much greater fishbox=GoldBox?Which has more of the items and much rare may contain 2 items too

    11)Balance change.An example=The space wall is cool while the space floor doesn't even look like floor how about making it a bit more attractive and rare one?

    12)Gift trade:Trading a stuff called "Gift" can be got by some level + like shiny potion and this could be given to friend not opened by ourself also could be bought from shop/extras for FB and FCs

    13)A nice feature is:Certificate,A player sells us simple chair we don't have FB we have to tick a box in the certificate which has written I pay after I have FB after signing give it then after he has FB he pays it ..This get's extreme useful which feature unlocks at 30+ or something

    Hope the ideas are great Comment below which you like Thanks for having time here.
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    Well you have many ideas that sounds good...And you never know with fishao maybe the ideas pop up in the game...

    But section 1 and 9, you have harassed all English moderators for about one and a half week now about his
    The code you are talking about must be it that leads too open lucky raft...The code will you get after you have done a payment with REAL MONEY.
    In this case i believe you gave 25000 to a player to get the code for you by saying that he would pay for it. It´s an active choice done by you to trust this player. That we can´t do anything about. And we allow gifts in the game. But if it seems too good to be true it probably is.....
    So there is no reimbursement for those kind of things.

    And i don´t wanna hear a word more aout this from you.



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