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    My suggestion is to add a brand new exclusive area. ( and sorry if i did any mistakes, i'm not from english country )
    It will be called "Dark Star Seas Planet", and accesible only in summer (from june to august) and you need these things to enter it:
    200 lvl
    Special shoes called "Moon shoes" ( available in shop in for 200 lvl players in summer)
    Star lure (the one you can get when entering pirate cove)

    It will appear on map as "???" until you'l have everything that you need to enter it.
    When you will be ready, you can click on it on the map, then you need to pay 300 coins and it will take you to Dark Star Water Planet, but you need to wait 3 hours. When you're traveling to it, you can't go to any other area. After 3 hours, you will be in your new home exclusive to this area. WHEN YOU ARE IN THIS PLANET YOU CAN'T GO BACK TO REAL FISHAO WORLD UNTIL 31 AUGUST!

    There will be 3 islands: Middle island ( you start on it ), West island and East island. Each island will have its own sea.
    Traveling from one to another costs 20 coins.
    On each island you can catch exclusive fish, from 2 stars to 5 stars (no 1 star fish).
    Your home will appear on each island.

    But, fishing in this planet isn't easy! One try takes 3 energy, and each island will have other bait.
    On middle island you can fish with star lure, on west island with light starfish and on east island with dark starfish.
    How to get light and dark starfish?
    Light starfish will generate in your house, while dark starfish can randomly appear hiding on the land. To collect them, simply click on them.

    As not too many people have lvl 200+, there will be only one server.
    This planet will have its own fishmarket and shop. Fishmarkets are on each island.

    You can catch shinies on this planet too, they will give you x3 exp and they will have x5 price in fishmarkets.
    Every potions and radars can be used.

    What about tournaments?
    There will be one tournament called "Star run" located on exclusive tournament island. Like in normal tournaments, to join it you will need to pay 5 coins.
    You need to find special tournament starfishes around all the area and catch as many fish as you can.
    Every star will be counted to your score - 2 star fish give 2 points, 3 star fish gives 3 points, 4 star fish gives 4 points and 5 star fish gives 5 points.
    Winner will get special award.
    Coins will be gived to 3 best players by this:
    1st - 50 coins
    2nd - 30 coins
    3rd - 15 coins

    When august ends, all players will automatically return to normal world.

    It taked me really long time to write this suggestion XD

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    Thanks for your suggestion

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    I like the idea but I don't like how you can't return to Fishao world until 31th of August
    (my new username)

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    Ideas are super awesome and cool but I recommend some changes in it:
    The touranament price is extreely high
    Isn't it a lot of FC/XP to reach there?


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