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    Arabic server and language

    thx for game developers for the arabic sever that means alot to us.
    and for our happiness to be complete we hope to edit the typing of arabic letters in chat as i ll explain
    arabic letters are written from right to left and the letters are not separated as in english as i ll write now

    السلام عليكم ورحمه الله وبركاته نشكر الادارة علي توفير غرفه خاصه بالعرب ونتمني ان يتم تعديل اللغه لنتمكن من التواصل

    this is how we can write while it now appears as following in chat>>
    ال س ل ا م ع ل ي ك م
    thx again and we appreciate the care

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    I also think that the Arab server should have his own moderation


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