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    is this even fair?

    Hi all here is a terrible story about unfair playing

    A player named *NN* stole my 25k fb....And when I asked *NN* to recover and ban *NN* then mod only Chat/PM banned for about only 4 days and didn't gave me my 25k back
    One day...When a player named Mysterybat1220 gave me decos/RS/Fb at night when I wake up there was a warning that I stole FB and RS with decos and Mod asked to return the stuff not to player but mod..And I returned the 24k money and Rs thinking that i would be full banned and *NN* was only about 4days Chat/PM ban and on the similar reason but I was inocent and mod full banned *NN* . I saw from friend list ....And The player who I got scammed from was not full banned but other was..
    Is this fair? or Unfair??

    Screenshots are below


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    All these things have we gone through with you.
    It is your own fault that you have been scammed and not the moderators.
    If you will do this kind of post again you will be removed from here!
    I have edit your text with the names because they are no relevans in mention them because it is solved.

    Stop with this now you have gone through 3 weeks about this and many many moderators has explained the situation for you.


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