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    Bob is giving only 9 coins :(

    Hello, today I was collecting Bob's 10 coins, but anywhere I couldn't find 10th coin there is photo : bob bug.jpg
    And also I want ask if you can give me 1 more coin.
    username : lenka_cicha_1
    Thank you.

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    Hi Andrej945. We can´t prove that the coin are hidden somewhere. And the Bobs mini game is as it´s called a game.
    So there is no guarantee that you will find all coins.
    Therefore we will not reimburse your coin.

    Good luck next time you play it though

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    Thanks, but I'm playing FISHAO more than 3 years and all the time the coin wasn't hidden behing tree or rock etc.

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    Same yesterday I collected all FC but didn't got 1FC Timer vanished too Now I am

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    I did Bob today and also only 9 coins...

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    Ill hope you all find all the coins next time

    PS. Don´t forget to check there your control panel is and under the trees ...etc

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    Thanks djearthquake and I did check the panel, there were nothing, but i dint check trees

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    I'm sure it can be a glitch. Happened to a friend of mine twice and she is very thorough, can't have missed it. I also saw her screenshots - the whole zone is in full view, no toolbars in the picture.
    Besides, there are other things that fail to appear on the screen sometimes - fishbones, for example. I've had fishbones which only appear at a pretty obvious place only after I log out and in again or go to another world. This morning Herb went AWOL after I had talked to him and while I was fishing for his Common Rudd in Cool Mountain. Appeared only after I refreshed.
    It would be nice if someone could do something about Bob's game when such a thing happens. You cannot refresh so that your coin duly appears, you know.
    However, I fully understand why moderators do not want to create a precedent for reimbursing players in this particular case: then they will not be able to cope with all the pleas by players who have failed for all sorts of other reasons.
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