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    Gar is a fish found on RACE tournament ONLY and it is one of the missions to catch it which is a bit hard..I currently spent way too FCs with gadgets but still no Gars
    Race tourn fee---5FC
    Luck potion 2---5FC
    Spoon---Some amount
    Power rod--- Some amount of throws
    2nd try---
    Race tourn fee---5FC
    Luck potion 1---2FC
    Spoon---Some amount
    Magic watch--4FC
    Power rod---Some throws

    So I totally wasted 23FC + some throws for only a 20energy mission hoping it was easy..I wasted too much still no Gar Can anyone help me with catching a Gar?


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    I think it is just pure luck when you get it. Wait till you try to get all the fish in Lost Valley. You will burn thru so many Lucky Potion 2, Watches, Radars, and Bait fish. That is where the true frustration comes in/


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