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    New Voting System

    How about a new feature which allows players to vote for a mod? If someone thinks the mod is not good they can organize something to remove the mod? Or they like some players and organize something to add the player as a mod ( If there is a mod space left ) It might be a cool feature allowing players to select the leaders


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    I would love that feature.!!

    Specially because I've encountered one mod that seemed to be using the ban feature to calm his anger, and another mod that made a big mistake and definitely banned me, so I suppose I'm not the only one.

    This scares away potential long term users. Or even worse, actual paying users.

    It would be cool if permanent bans require verification from 2 other mods or when a mod makes a mistake he has to compensate the affected user or loose points of some sort.

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    I agree with it..Many players left game in front of me Our own friends did it too



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