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    New Voting System

    How about a new feature which allows players to vote for a mod? If someone thinks the mod is not good they can organize something to remove the mod? Or they like some players and organize something to add the player as a mod ( If there is a mod space left ) It might be a cool feature allowing players to select the leaders


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    I would love that feature.!!

    Specially because I've encountered one mod that seemed to be using the ban feature to calm his anger, and another mod that made a big mistake and definitely banned me, so I suppose I'm not the only one.

    This scares away potential long term users. Or even worse, actual paying users.

    It would be cool if permanent bans require verification from 2 other mods or when a mod makes a mistake he has to compensate the affected user or loose points of some sort.

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    I agree with it..Many players left game in front of me Our own friends did it too


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    I love this idea, many mods are very bad and dont do fqir things. Officially voting is good idea. FISHAO autommatically send PM to all players in mod language and players can vote one mod to 15 days. GOOD IDEA!

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    I like the idea .


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