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    Catching 400cm or larger fish

    Hey guys
    I would like to know where and how I should fish to catch a 400cm fish or larger and at the same time spending a low amount of fishcoins.
    I have got a mission for what I need a 400+ fish. I decided that I will try to do that on the sea with a boat in Seagull Harbor... at the end I ended up spending about 29 fishcoins and the largest fish I caught was 339 cm.

    Anyone advice where and how I should fish to complete this mission without spending lank fishcoins?
    Thank you!

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    fish 400 cm +

    Saw takes the beach on the alley

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    I just recently caught a Green Sawfish at 694 cm which is the biggest fish I've caught to date. My advice is to make sure you have a great rod and a very strong line. Just fish. Don't overthink anything.

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    Thx guys

    Thanks guys... I made it!!
    I went to Pinheira Beach. I was on 99% with my level and like 30 XP to go to level up when I caught Green Sawfish 423cm.
    I used about 40 fish then switched to lures where I also used about 40.
    Thank you guys!!


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