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Thread: Fishbox blues

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    Fishbox blues

    With Halloween now shrinking in our minds one ghost remains,
    A ghost of Christmas past, perhaps, still lurking in our brains,
    Reminders of this wondrous thing, not seen for so so long,
    Is lurking in the missions as a thing still going on.
    But is it? When did one of these now fabled objects land?
    Have they become extinct? Please, someone, give us all a hand,
    Please help us out, make fishbox falls far easier to find.
    I need one for a mission, so controllers, please be kind.

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    I love your poem . It is so true, I haven't seen a fishbox land in Big Fish Games for many many months. That is so frustrating needing one for your missions.

    I wonder what triggers a fishbox to appear - is it a certain amount of players in one area, for a certain length of time? Or is it more random than that?

    Maybe the game makers could change things and let fishboxes appear randomly, without any triggers? Shells just appear without triggers!


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    It is the amount of players in an area, I guess.
    When I'm on the spanish server, where there are a lot of
    people in pinheira beach, every few minutes a fishbox falls.


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