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    Needing Other Players for fishing in Enclosure in Thombani

    Hi. I have played this game for a couple years now and still have no luck being able to fish in the enclosure. I have fished there 3 times. Once was recently with some club mates but they cannot hang around all day while i try to catch fish or complete a mission.

    My game seems like it might be stalled because of my inability to complete some missions. It is making the game useless if I cannot progress past doing dailies and club tournaments. I want to get to cave and get fossils etc. I don;t know what to do about it.

    I am always willing to help someone if they want to go there or help open little Rio when someone asks. And try to re-friend in a timely manner.

    I guess this is when people leave a game. When they seem to not enjoy it any more. And, yes, to any forum moderators who want to respond, I am 'complaining'. Sorry but I haven't before when it was assumed that I was. but for sure now yes I am.

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    I´m sorry for that.the thomb enclosure and the little rio wall is created for the community game fishao is.
    Those 2 things are there so people can help each other out. And create a bonding in game.
    I´m sorry if it don´t work practical. That was not the intention

    A tip from me is to go to a bigger "crowded" server and try find some helpful hands there
    I can see that the enclosure and that little rio is open there sometimes.

    I looked now and in Cesky 1 the enclosure was open now with 5 players switching between fishing and standing on the plates.

    I wish you good luck

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    Hi. I am on BigFishGames. I don't have the option of choosing.

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    Yes then it gets harder


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