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Thread: Loading problem

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    Loading problem

    Hi, I cannot load the game. Please help me to solve this problem! Thanks!
    Username: JamesTo
    Server: BigFishGames


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    Yes I am having same problem

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    Maybe try on I am not having such problems


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    I have tried myself to log in at bigfish. And it went just fine. Loading fast into the game and when i was switching maps.

    If you still have the problem contact me at PM.


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    I'm on now

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    Quote Originally Posted by giant05 View Post
    Maybe try on I am not having such problems
    Thanks giant, but it's two different games actually. You cannot use same log in info and therefore cannot continue your game.
    Either you are on fishao or bigfish. But thanks

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    You can still log out from big fish game and log in


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    Good casey they must have had some server problem

    PM me if it still continuous

    Closing this thread......


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