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    The Price Of Purchasing Fishcoins Oy!!

    In game, in US dollars, 2, 5, 10, 25, 50... the increments are fine but the amount of fishcoins in each package...

    For instance, based on my entertainment budget and how I see value in my spending, 25 US for only 114 Fc is not value but really out of reach for the purposes of the game. And it will not make me step up to the next level as incentive.

    If I spend 25$ and can't even upgrade my tree then 25$ is not within my budget. I buy 114 fishcoins for nothing useful. 114 fishcoins doesn't really do much. Do you know how many times I have considered buying fishcoins in order to do something useful in the game and decided that 114 coins was not enough to do what I wanted and therefore see no need to buy fishcoins...I will just be patient and wait to get them.

    Now if I could have enough to upgrade tree, take a trip out in boat in the harbor, buy bait to catch a fish to fill in my fishdex AND have some left over? Then I would spend the 25$. Why not 200 Fc for the same 25$ ?

    Of course your business is none of my business. I don't know how much it takes to run this game. I can't tell you what to charge. But really the amount of fishcoins in each package makes no sense as they are not enough to do anything or are just out of reach of something (like 200$ for 1226 ? why not give the 1500 fishcoins it takes to get the fishao rod?)

    I want some satisfaction when I purchase fishcoins, not just 'Ok I'm closer but still not having any fun'

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    The packages of coins depends on what country you are buying from and what you are paying with (credit card, paypal, sms etc.)
    If you can´t find a coin package that satisfy the need of coins you wants i would have bought a bigger then a smaller package.
    I wish you good luck in the game and in further purchases as it is that which keeps the game rolling on


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