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    albino alligator gar

    i try to caught albino alligator gar at marsh and used about 5 purple potion and didn't caught is this fish there already ?
    or i spend potion on nothing

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    It's one of the rarest fish of FISHAO. From my personal experience I caught like sixty Alligator Gar before to caught the Albino Alligator Gar. So you must not give up you will catch him and do not forget this fish is active only between 22:00 to 06:00!

    Good luck!

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    I have calculated a result of that (I have caught a few). Both how many throw ins you need to do. And how many Aligator gars you get before.

    It takes around 4700 throw ins to get it.
    And you will probably get around 17 Aligator gars before you get the albino

    But that is statistics. If you have luck you can throw one time and get it

    And as Elltharis said fish during that time only!

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    So i have to get alligator-gar about 16 time befor albino in one day ?

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    No not in one day.

    That is my calculations until you get the fish.

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    I cannot remember how many fish I used and Lucky Potion 2, blue radars, and watches to catch it. I know it was close to 500 fish. I went to Palm Island and created as many shad bait as I could and used that. I maybe used about 1000 shad to catch it. And when I did, I did not use any potion, radar, or watches. I did catch close to a dozen alligator gar before getting the albino.

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