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    lol i still don't understand about beta statue @.@
    me too i just need beta statue to complete the badge

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    Is there any way that Carps shop could be programmed to sell the Gold Beta Statue once every 3 months or so. This rule could apply to all the items which Carps sell, so that we could stand a chance of buying it or other items.

    I have been waiting for Carps to sell this statue for ages, as this is all I need to complete the gold set.

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    As the name say gold beta statue. Was it a gift for those who helped playing the game during beta time = The game is near fully developed but need to be tested by real players. And those players reports eventual bugs and even share their thoughts about things they like and don´t like. Therefore they where granted a gift for the deed they did. So i can´t see that we will release it at the deco shop even a minimum time as you say. It would not be fair for those who helped a bit under the start until FISHAO released as a fully developed game.
    Sorry the answer that i know you did not want to hear. But of course am i not certain if we sometime will do anything in some form as you suggest.
    My advice is to buy it from someone (That´s really hard to find i know) alt is to borrow one just to unlock it in you collection.
    I wish you the best of luck

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    Thank you Djearthquake for your explanation, I didn't understand that Gold Beta Statue was a gift in the early days of the game and now is not ever available in Carps. I have been playing since February 2014, so must have just missed out. So I'll have to find someone to borrow it from!

    As a new idea - could it be given as a gift again, for those who reach a certain level, eg level 200 or 250 and have played for 5 or more years? Then there is hope for players to receive their own statue and something to aim for....

    Happy fishing.
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