If you canīt load the game. Or if the game lags and the loading time takes forever.
Go through this list and make these things in the order they are written.

And try to log in each time after you have done 1 of the things so you might not need to do them all:

1: Restart the computer and your network router.

2: Check your current network speed. So that it is as fast as it shall be and as the game need.

3: Clear your web browsers cache memory.

4: Try another web browser (Make sure to clear the cache memory there too)

5: Reinstall flash player.

6: Try another network and computer.

7: If nothing of these things have worked. Create a post here in forum. And write everything you experience as detailed you can be.

It shall at least say.....:


From what site you playing from? Example:.. Fishao.com, Facebook, Bigfishgames etc

What happens? Example: the load bar stops or i canīt load into a specific map etc..

How long has it been this way?

I hope these things above will help you. So that the loading problems or lag problems will be no more