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    Lucky 2 Potion - is it working?


    This may seem a weird thought, but I'm wondering if the Lucky 2 Potions are still working? Maybe there have passed there use by date (haha)?

    I have played this game for a few years (that sounds sad!), and it used to be that using a Lucky 2 always resulted in a 5 star fish plus other good quality fish, with less of the 1 star fishes. However, over the past few months, this seems to have changed, I have taken several boat trips without a 5 star fish being caught. My last boat trip which was just for sharks (again), I only caught 20 sharks in 15 minutes form 160 shark lures, (my usual amount is 30 sharks) and that was with a magic watch, blue radar and Lucky 2 potion, very disappointing!

    I have spoken to a Fishao friend, and she doesn't often catch a 5 star with Lucky 2 nowadays either.

    Does anybody find this is the case?


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    I can insure you that the lucky potion 2 is working and are not tampered with
    And your boat trip when you caught 20 sharks. Must have been bad luck with hooking the fishes.
    So i wish you good luck in your next hunt

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    I agree. Luck potion does not work. Used to get more 4 and 5 star fish on the boat at sea tournament. But only get mostly 1 and 2 star fish. Even 3 star fish is rare.
    And in Lost world, so rare to catch 5 star with potion. I only need the giant ray. Strange, but I have caught 5 star in lost world as many times without potion as I have with potion. 5 gold coins for potion is a waste.

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    Ya it is not working



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